General Trading Terms for Partners / Publishers (Webmasters)

Through registration, every legal-aged partner who reads carefully through these terms and agrees with them is confirmed.


New business partners declare that he or she is noted for Nothing Else Matters Incorporation content.


Our projects are changing constantly and our business partners have to find out new information and make changes. In this case if the partner does not accept those changes made to, he has a right to terminate the agreement.


Free advertising materials such as graphics, texts and scripts are made available to every business partner. You can use it for our products. In other cases, it's strictly off limits.


Every sort of illegal advertising is also strictly off limits.


Any attempt to manipulate this, causes the immediate rejection from the system. Possible commissions will not be paid. Juristically, steps will be taken.


German law and legislation serve as legal grounds for the content of and other partner pages.


This website is useful just for registered members. Registering to the member pages is executed by the login name and the password, which can't be forwarded to any 3rd person. For any injury caused by discussing or forwarding the login data, this website doesn't accept any responsibilities for these actions.


The denunciation is possible anytime without presentation of the reason/s through email.


The business partner is obliged to announce his income to the concerned tax collector's office in accordance with the laws of his land. The value added tax will be counted just after the occupation announcement at the tax office and after proofs of tax number usage.


In cases of user violations, such as breaking any provisions of the contract, your account will be cancelled.


The provision of a Webmaster abides by the actual Provision deed.


Agreement is in accordance with local laws.